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For over 30 years, Sousa Court Reporters has been an accountable and reliable agency. Founded & operated by Christine and Manny Sousa since 1984, Sousa has always prided itself on personal touch and customer-oriented service - as if you are one of the family. We are thrilled to announce the next generation has come to stay. Karina and Devon Sousa have joined the Sousa team with the same goal in mind -- to keep you a part of our family. 


We are real people and we care about you and your case.


Sousa is NOT just another court reporting agency. We are one of the few family-owned and operated businesses. With Sousa, our biggest difference is our people. We dedicate ourselves to customer service so when you call Sousa, you will always be greeted and spoken to by a live person.


We give you the entire package with just one phone call, from setting up interpreters, videographers, conference rooms, out-of-state depositions to any other requests you may have.  


You are not just a number; you are a part of our family. We work hard for you, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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